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For virtually any vehicle

  • Automotive and Light Truck
  • Lawn and Garden
  • Marine and Recreational
  • Commercial and Agriculture
  • Power Sport
  • Golf Car and Heavy Duty Deep Cycle
  • Platinum AGM Series


    Duracell Platinum AGM premium batteries best meet the needs of today’s vehicles that have more electronic accessories than ever before: LCD viewers, GPS systems, stereos, powered windows or doors, cell and smart phone charging, and anything else that plugs in or turns on. A premium AGM design also delivers optimized starting power for the best choice in trusted performance.

    Platimun Series AGM Series - Premium Battery
  • EHP Series

    Extra High Performance

    Duracell EHP (Extra High Performance) batteries utilize special internal features to withstand all temperature conditions and to extend battery performance and life. These premium batteries deliver high cranking power and added durability for reliable starts with every turn of the key.

    Auto EHP Series - Extra High Performance Battery
  • HP Series

    High Performance

    Duracell HP (High Performance) line provides a premium quality battery choice that strategically integrates value with high performance to deliver maximum reliability, longevity, and cranking power.

    Auto HP Series - High Performance Battery
  • Standard Series

    The Duracell (Standard Series) batteries are designed with high quality and power to meet the basic needs of many vehicles. And true to Duracell dependability, these batteries deliver reliable starts with every turn of the key.

    Auto - Standard Series Battery