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  • Automotive and Light Truck
  • Lawn and Garden
  • Marine and Recreational
  • Commercial and Agriculture
  • Power Sport
  • Golf Car and Heavy Duty Deep Cycle

Commercial & Agriculture

  • Platinum AGM Series


    Starting/Cycle Service Commercial AGM batteries have the power and durability to handle anything from complex on-board electronics and plug-in devices to dozens of extra lights. They are also made to deliver the quick, high-powered current that will bring even the toughest engines to life.

    Commercial Platinum Battery

    Deep Cycle/Starting Service Commercial AGM premium batteries are made with plenty of power and a specially reinforced internal construction to withstand the multiple charging and recharging service of demanding battery powered systems (such as HVAC and APU units). For commercial vehicles with heavy power demands, these batteries provide one of the industry’s best options for integrating deep cycle and moderate starting power performance.

    Commercial Deep Cycle Battery
  • Heavy Duty Commercial Severe Service

    Duracell Commercial batteries have the high cranking performance that brings even the toughest engines to life. There are also cycle service batteries to not only start the engine but to also handle the increasing need for more reserve and accessory power. A durability-enhanced construction and other special features ensure trusted performance and extend service life.

    Commercial - Heavy Duty Severe Service Battery