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    • Does a battery do anything else besides start my vehicle?

      Having a battery you can trust is more important than some may realize. Not only does it provide the power to start your vehicle, but it also plays other important roles in its operation of your vehicle.

      The main function for most vehicle batteries is to supply power to the starter and ignition system so the engine can be cranked or started. The battery also supplies the extra power necessary when the vehicle’s electrical load requirements exceed the supply from the charging system. This means that your battery must also help power all the electronics and accessories that come installed or that are plugged into your car or boat. Duracell AGM or Absorbed Glass Mat batteries have no free-flowing acid. Special micro-fiber glass mats absorb the acid so the battery will not spill or leak. This glass mat material helps reinforce the battery’s internal components improving its ability to withstand the demands of multiple accessory loads (your vehicle’s many electronics).

      The battery also acts as a voltage stabilizer in the electrical system. The battery reduces high voltage spikes, which can occur in a vehicle’s electrical system when loads are abruptly shut off. These excessively high voltages could damage other components in the electrical system if it were not for the protection provided by the battery.

    • Why would I need EHP Technology to protect against higher temperatures if I live in a cooler climate?

      Even in cool climates, a battery under the hood of your vehicle can reach damaging high temperatures. Tighter engine spaces and increased service demands have made under-hood-temperatures rise higher than ever before.

      When it’s cold, engines are harder to start and your battery is put to the test. Its ability to start your car can depend on how well it withstood times of higher under-the-hood temperatures.

      That’s why Duracell EHP Technology utilizes special features within the battery to withstand higher temperature conditions. An extra acid reservoir, reinforced internal components, and a special reactive formula are just some of the features used to deliver superior life and maintenance-free performance in any climate.

    • Are all lead-acid batteries alike?

      What’s inside the battery really makes a difference. During the life of a battery, it is charged and discharged thousands of times.

      All Duracell batteries are made with the most advanced computerized equipment in order to make the very best product. These batteries undergo stringent testing and quality control checks to ensure dependability. All internal components are made from the finest raw material resources. These raw materials are tested by the latest equipment for purity, quality, and performance.

      Advanced technological features have been incorporated throughout the entire battery design to deliver the trusted reliability and longevity you’d expect from Duracell.

    • Can Duracell flooded and AGM lead-acid batteries be recycled?

      Duracell lead-acid batteries are one of the most recyclable products on the planet. Lead-acid batteries have a higher recycling rate than glass, aluminum, and newspaper. In fact, virtually 100% of every battery component can be recycled to make a brand new battery.

      Duracell battery suppliers are part of a program that recycles these batteries at one of the most modern and environmentally-safe facilities in the world.

      Make sure you recycle your battery with someone you can trust. Bring it back to a Duracell lead-acid battery supplier.

    • How much bearing does warranty have on a battery’s performance?

      Warranty alone has NO bearing on how the battery performs. Performance is based upon battery design, construction, and capacity, not months of warranty.

    • Which battery is right for my vehicle?

      With Duracell, it is easy to find the right battery. Visit our electronic application guide to help you quickly find the Duracell battery that meets all your needs.

    • How does a battery work?

      When two unlike materials such as the positive and negative plates (the electrodes) are immersed in an electrolyte (such as a solution of sulfuric acid and water) voltage is developed. The voltage developed depends on the types of materials used for electrodes and on the electrolyte used. The voltage is approximately 2.1 volts from a lead-acid battery cell. A typical lead-acid battery consists of six cells and is called a 12-volt battery.

      Electrical current is produced by the chemical reaction between the electrodes and the electrolyte when there is a complete circuit between the positive and negative terminals. If a battery is rechargeable, such as a lead-acid battery, forcing current through the battery in the opposite direction with a charger will restore the electrodes and electrolyte to their original states.

    • Is there anything I can do to help make my battery last longer?

      The battery is part of a system. When installing your new Duracell battery, it is wise to check related components. Follow all safety instructions when handling batteries! Always disconnect grounded cable first and connect it last to prevent dangerous sparks!

      Do not attempt the following vehicle maintenance without training or proper instructions:

      • • Check cables
      • • Clean corrosion off battery hold-downs, cables, and trays
      • • Verify voltage regulator and alternator output meet proper specifications
      • • Repair shorts (any load that is on when it should be off) in electrical system.
      • • If a load is left on and battery becomes discharged, recharge promptly.
      • • Tighten cables properly and always secure the battery properly

      NOTE: Remember to always wear safety glasses and a face shield when working on or near batteries. Always protect your eyes!

    • What is AGM?

      AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Mat. Duracell AGM batteries have no free-flowing acid. Special micro-fiber glass mats absorb the acid so the battery will not spill or leak. They are held tight against the battery’s power-storing components and have a lower electrical resistance for quicker starting power.

      This glass mat material also helps protect and reinforce the battery’s internal components making it extremely resistant to vibration or shaking damage. Reinforcing the battery’s internal components also improves the battery’s ability to withstand the demands of multiple accessory loads (your vehicle’s many electronics). The Duracell battery’s Original Equipment type design makes complete use of the battery’s internal space. This offers more efficiency because it uses all of the available volume and headspace inside the battery to increase power and performance. The Original Equipment design also provides a better fit into more applications with less retrofit.

      Duracell AGM designs are spill proof and maintenance-free. They are also some of the most durable and dependable battery designs around.

    • Do Duracell AGM batteries offer increased cycle life compared to standard wet acid batteries?

      Yes. The enhanced durability from the Duracell AGM design provides extra protection against deep discharge and multiple cycle damage. This enables extended life even with repeated charge/discharging cycles. In fact, Duracell AGM batteries have 2x the cycle life of conventional flooded batteries and also recharge faster providing more accessory power longer.

    • Is the Duracell AGM battery and Optima both AGM technology?

      Yes. Optima utilizes AGM technology with high capacity spiral plates allowing for power in extreme conditions. The spiral and absorbed glass mat design delivers enhanced vibration resistance of 15x more than conventional designs. Duracell AGM batteries operate under the same principle of AGM technology and receive similar benefits on how it elevates performance. The power optimized flat plates, DuraMAT™ components, and durability-enhanced design of the Duracell flat plate AGM battery significantly enhance cycling capabilities and offer 20x the vibration resistance of conventional designs.

      Duracell AGM batteries are part of the SMARTPOWER initiative to provide dependable battery power at peak efficiency and performance with the highest regard for consumer value and convenience.

    • What allows the Duracell AGM Battery to be vibration resistant and spill proof?

      Duracell AGM batteries utilize DuraMAT™ components that protect the battery with a puncture-resistant separator material. This material has a high tensile strength, which further enhances durability and helps deliver 20x the vibration resistance of a conventional flooded battery. DuraMAT’s superior absorption rate completely suspends all of the free-flowing electrolyte enabling fast-acting power and a spill proof design.

    • What are Valve-Regulated Lead Acid batteries?

      A Duracell AGM battery is a valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery. This has many advantages over flooded lead-acid products.

      A VRLA battery is a "recombinant" battery. This means that the oxygen normally produced on the positive plates of all lead-acid batteries is absorbed by the negative plate rather than escaping the cell like traditional flooded batteries. This suppresses the production of hydrogen gas normally produced at the negative plate. Water (H2O) is produced instead, retaining the moisture within the battery and virtually eliminating gassing when charged properly. This allows many installation options and is safer to use around sensitive electronic equipment.

    • Whom should I contact for automotive warranty service, jumpstart assistance, more information, or other customer service needs?

      Just call one phone number (1-877-344-8971) for customer assistance.